Data Linguist

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Data Linguist

Job description

Who we are is a profitable and fast growing artificial intelligence startup that automatically writes content about any subject with the same level of quality, factual accuracy, and usefulness as a human.

What you will be doing

You will be teaching our artificial intelligence algorithms to better read, understand, and write text.

You will be doing this by labeling and annotating text. For instance, if our algorithm writes an article, you will be the one telling it whether the article it wrote is factual and well written.

You will be proofreading text, providing analysis on text, and even answering questions that our AI systems may have.

This is a full time remote position where you can set your own hours. Most communication will happen asynchronously through Slack.

What we are building towards

Our dream is two parts:

Part one: Develop strong AI – artificial intelligence that is smarter than a human.

Part two: Do this without selling our souls to venture capitalists or outside investors who will be more focused on Q4 profit than on making sure this technology creates a profoundly better society. is entirely self-funded and is already profitable by selling awesome artificial intelligence products. We want to continue to advance artificial intelligence through sustainable, iterative, and self-funded improvements so that we can eventually reach our end goal while remaining independent and principled.

Job requirements

What we want from you

  • 2+ years working with written language data
  • Prior data entry or data management experience
  • Deliver extremely high quality work under deadlines
  • Handle unique and diverse set of written language tasks
  • Native English fluency
  • Extremely detail oriented