Machine Learning Engineer

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Machine Learning Engineer

Job description

What we are doing now:

We are a profitable and growing artificial intelligence startup building a tool that automatically writes content about any subject with the same quality, factual accuracy, and usefulness as a human.

What you will be doing:

We have built a product that can be competitive with GPT-3 despite using 2% of the parameters. You will be helping us continue to improve the quality of these models with things such as reinforcement learning from human feedback and retrieval augmented generation. You will also help us scale up our model sizes, which includes pretraining a very large language model of our own.

You will be working directly with the Founder & CEO (who is leading the artificial intelligence team, both as a manager and as an individual contributor) and other Machine Learning Engineers to bridge this gap and build a product that can generate high-quality, factually relevant and engaging content about any keyword that a user inputs.

Your work will involve training new models and making improvements to existing ones. You will constantly be ingesting research papers, pushing state-of-the-art, and applying that to our products.

What you’ll mainly be working in:


Hugging Face Transformers

Some benefits of working at include:

  • Generous salary – We would rather have one superstar than two mediocre players
  • Equity - Ownership in what you are creating at a fast growing startup
  • Premium benefits – Completely paid health coverage, 401k, gym membership, and more
  • Freedom of working at a small company – you will report directly to the CEO
  • The excitement of a startup with the stability of a profitable company
  • We work on interesting problems that push the envelope in AI
  • Fully remote friendly

Job requirements

What we want from you:

  • You have multiple years of experience (professional or research) directly working with transformers including work with very large language models and/or reinforcement learning from human feedback
  • You are up to date on state of the art research in natural language generation and/or information retrieval
  • You can immediately contribute research direction and implementation on how to use deep learning and transformers to write higher quality and more factually accurate articles
  • You are an awesome developer with a very strong Computer Science (or very similar) background
  • You take immense pride in the work you do and think you are exceptional
  • You want to be contributing ideas, values, thoughts, and direction (we are a small company, and your boss will be the Founder/CEO, so we want people who want to make a mark on our direction and vision!)